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Exclusive range of services to manage your finances and revenues.

Alphabeta Consulting aim at making our clients become more competitive in their market places.

Project Management

We work with clients to improve performance, mobilise human resources to deliver result at minimum cost and time. We manage major projects, design and implement enterprise-wide systems.

Scope Management

To ensure that projects remain manageable and maintain clarity, we define the scope to gather the necessary information to initiate the project and outline the features the product should possess to satisfy stakeholder needs.

Client Support

We administer support services for the delivery and efficient use of range of products deployed for clients business growth for business development, client management, and service delivery teams.

Fixed Asset Management

We offer total solutions for Fixed Assets Management. Our enumeration and verification services help you locate, identify, count and document your fixed assets and the business personal property.

Independent Advice

To keep projects streamlined and on track, we establish the scope to collect the essential information for project commencement and to determine the features the product needs to fulfill stakeholder requirements

Software Development

We are highly skilled in the business of creating Internet-based applications, consultancy services, systems integration, customisation, technical support and training on variety of systems.

System Review and Audit

We evaluate an organization's systems, processes, and controls for optimal operation and security. By identifying vulnerabilities and inefficiencies, we guide enhancements. Regular audits are essential for industry compliance, system security, and continuous improvement. This practice ensures data protection, efficient operations, and upholds stakeholder trust.

Database Management

We provide comprehensive systems and database maintenance services to clients who need to provide round-the-clock data access for their operations and to their customers (Public, Private, Banks etc).

System Training and Support

We are committed to providing total business solutions, we therefore recognise that user training is critical to the achievement of our objectives. We design training courses on leading-edge technologies.

Their vast experience with several use cases across industries gave us valuable insights.

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Lagos State Internal Revenue Service

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Alphabeta Consulting is a team of experts who offer guidance and assistance in information & financial systems.

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