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RevPay is a secure online payment and receipting platform that makes invoices/bills (Lasg-CBS bills, LUC bills, LWC bills, Webguid etc.) available to payment gateways for payments. RevPay complements the existing EBS-RCM channels of payments with the additional benefits of availability, speed and enhanced transactions turn-around time. It is designed to provide greater convenience and comfort to payers without sacrificing accountability and security which has characterised revenue collection under the Electronic Banking System of Revenue Cycle Management (EBS-RCM) over the years.

Revpay works with multiple channels of Payment including:

  • Payment (with credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfer)
  • Mobile Money
  • POS (with credit cards or debit cards)
  • Bank Branch (with cash, cheque, bank draft, or transfer)
  • Prepayment Collection (PPC).


RevEPA is an organized database driven web application designed to achieve the automation of environmental waste payment for state government which involves the following activities e.g. bill generation, online payments etc. It is available online real-time, it also has an executive dashboard showing information about the agency’s revenue at a glance. It boasts of an accurate defaulter’s list report used during revenue drive which will help to achieve increment in IGR. It also ensures that the system administrators as well as corporate bodies are able to view, print or either send automated demand notices, reminder, part payment notice etc. as and when due.


RevKolect is a mobile application which perfomes the following functions:

  • Captures Property owner details
  • Creates PayerID, where available
  • Captures Property details
  • Performs Enumeration
  • Translate details of Payer and Enumeration to the Web Application i.e syncs with the Web App


RevTax is an integrated tax administration solution leveraging on technology to ensure efficient tax management process. RevTax is designed to serve as a one-stop shop for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the State who are saddled with the responsibility of collecting taxes and other revenues. It improves the operational efficiencies of IRS in order to increase revenue collections by automating its business processes. RevTax application offers efficient document management, Collaboration, Permissions, Document routing and Approval all in real time across multiple tax offices. Revtax also offers a robust profiling capabilities to connect every possible transactions linked to an individual or company with the potential of increasing the tax payable by such individual or company. This key component can potentially increase the state IGR with a huge margin.


eTax platform is a digital tax administration solution. eTax leverages on an open standard platform which enables enterprise wide data, greater transparency and increased taxpayer self-services. It has a highly flexible technology architecture designed to accommodate change and integrate easily with legacy systems. eTax’s electronic invoicing and billing platform as well as its multi-channel digital payment collections functions enable Simple, Seamless & Secure tax payment collections for increased revenue generation. eTax comes equipped with state-of-the-art real-time enterprise modelling and accounts reporting, reconciliation tools, thus, improving revenue collection activities and enabling rapid executive decision making. eTax also offers a self-service portal to support taxpayers in fulfilling their legal obligations and help to improve tax compliance. This ensure tasks such as tax payer enumeration, assessment, return filing and engagement during tax audit exercises can be carried out by the tax payers, reducing the turnaround time for business processes. Increased data capture from revenue forms and fewer documents requiring manual intervention through its digitized enumeration, filing, assessment, audit and payment processes. This is achieved through its efficient document management, collaboration, permissions, document routing and approval workflows all in real time across multiple tax offices.


iEnroll is a mobile app designed to be used by field enumeration officers for payer registration i.e. PID creation with ease on the field. The application have the capability of capturing data for both offline and online purposes. For offline, data captured stores locally on the phone and can then be synchronized once there is network while the online mode should feed directly to the database in real time.


This application automates the MVAA revenue collection process and also serves as a one stop shop to MVAA daily operations and activities.

It performs the following functionalities:

  • Login for registered users
  • General System Management and Support
  • Payment Reference Generation
  • Receipt Validation and Service Rendering
  • View and monitor collections
  • View and generate reports


The LANDS Bureau Web Application is designed to fully automate the LANDS Bureau processes as regards to Governors CONSENT and to make the process seamless for both the Agency and the general public who will have access to the Application to process their LANDS related activities in the state.

The LANDS Bureau Application has the following functional requirements:

  • Security
  • User Registration
  • User Login
  • Home Page
  • Self Services
  • Admin Module


RevTrans is developed to automate transport operation like payment, booking order, delivery report, generating transactions receipt etc. in a transport office. It automates the complete operations of the transporter office. Using this system, users can automate many transport operations like billing, tracking payments, creating report etc. Keeping records of transportation is made easy with this application. Users can find any old records in a few clicks. Users can also generate old delivery reports and other reports easily.


SmartIMS (Inventory Mgt System) is an automated solution designed to incorporate procurement standards and also to enhance corporate inventory procedures. SmartIMS is important to ensure quality control in businesses. This application helps to minimise the risk of error while tracking theft of retail merchandise, providing valuable information about store profits and the need for theft-prevention systems; this information is then tracked by a central computer system. SmartIMS (Inventory Mgt System) make it simple to locate and analyze inventory information in real-time with a simple database search. All of the data works in tandem to provide businesses with real-time inventory tracking information.


RevSwift is a mobile Application designed to enable tax payers access and view their tax details, verifying receipts as well as make tax payments with ease from their Android mobile phones. RevSwift is a user friendly Android mobile application for accessing tax information on the go. It is compatible with Android 1.5 API level 3 and higher versions; designed to carry out the following functionalities: Generate Bill, Check Tax History, Validate Receipt, Make Payment, etc.


RevHub is a suite of applications developed to address enumeration and identification of tax payers within the informal sector of the economy. The suite has two features, a web platform and a mobile application. It is an android based mobile application designed specifically for capturing of tax payers on the go. This eliminates the need for tax payers to walk into the tax offices before they are captured. It also eliminates the duplication of tax payers by notifying the enumeration agent of existing fingerprints and BVN. It also has a backend user interface for tax officers/consultants that allow management of tax payers records and information.

eTCC Online Submission

Online eTCC Form Submission: Here you apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate digitally, process your tax card, receive the card issuance, and collect your tax card at a convenient pick-up location within minutes of applying.


The Revbill Application is a billing solution designed solely for the use of clients to enumerate property and customer records, generate bills, view collections and generate reports for future projections. The Revbill Application was first developed in the year 2018 by the Application Development Team of AlphaBeta Consulting LLP and has been successfully deployed to the Lagos Island Local Government and other Local Government Areas in Lagos State as well as Gwagwalada Area Council in Abuja.


SmartHMS (Hospital Mgt System) is a hospital digitization initiative i.e. making a hospital management seamless and as paperless as possible. This includes the automation of the front office, back office and the general management of all hospital activities. It integrates the entire resources of a hospital into one software application. SmartHMS is a patient-centric mechanism that has exceptional capability of handling outpatients, inpatients, emergencies and other referred patient cases.

  • Improved processes.
  • Instant medical records retrieval.
  • Staff Interaction e.g. between nurses and doctors, pharmacists and the accountants etc.
  • Facility management.
  • Less time consuming.
  • Report generation.
  • Automatic generation of Patient Identification Number.
  • Dashboard showing hospital activities at a glance and many more.

Their vast experience with several use cases across industries gave us valuable insights.

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