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Our Services

Alphabeta aim at making our clients become more competitive in their market places...

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Our Services

  • Project Management

    We work with clients to improve performance, mobilise human resources to deliver result at minimum cost and time. We manage major projects, design and implement enterprise-wide systems.

  • Scope Management

    Such that projects does not get unwieldy or lose focus, We Scope to get information required to start the project, and the features the product would have that would meet its stakeholders requirements.

  • Clients Support

    We administer support services for the delivery and efficient use of range of products deployed for clients business growth for business development, client management, and service delivery teams.

  • Fixed Assets Management

    We offer total solutions for Fixed Assets Management. Our enumeration and verification services help you locate, identify, count and document your fixed assets and the business personal property.

  • Independent Advice

    Typically, we provide the much needed strategic guidance, objective and an unbiased opinion to the Board and top management cadre of your organisation on issues as: Vendors assesment etc.

  • Software Development

    We are highly skilled in the business of creating Internet-based applications, consultancy services, systems integration, customisation, technical support and training on variety of systems.

  • Systems Reviews And Audits

    We carry out Information Systems reviews to help clients identify areas of strength and weaknesses in existing system. Our practical recommendations enable our clients implement IT initiatives.

  • Database Maintenance

    We provide comprehensive systems and database maintenance services to clients who need to provide round-the-clock data access for their operations and to their customers (Public, Private, Banks etc).

  • System Training And Support

    We are committed to providing total business solutions, we therefore recognise that user training is critical to the achievement of our objectives. We designed training courses on leading-edge technologies.

  • Payment Solution

    We provide secure online payment and receipting platform that makes invoices/bills (Lasg-CBS bills, LUC bills, LWC bills, Webguid etc.) available to payment gateways for payments of Taxes and Levies to the State.......Read more